Project summary

Brief description of the project

Agri-food and tourism are two of the most basic sectors of the Greek economy. The region of Western Macedonia has included the two branches in the Regional Smart Specialization Strategy, recognizing the special features but also the challenges they present, setting specific priorities for each sector, such as precision agriculture, the application of new technologies for the development of livestock products of special specifications, the development of innovative tools and applications for the creation of special forms of tourism (such as walking and thematic tourism) and the promotion of modern culture. 

In this context, this proposed act focuses on the fields of agri-food and tourism, including actions and actions aimed at the priorities of the Strategy and Smart Specialization Plan of the region, and at the same time assist in the development of modern research infrastructure aimed at and the promotion of excellence in the region of Western Macedonia. In particular, the modules (EU) are specialized as:


  • EU1. Organic Economics and Agro-nutrition 
  • EU2. Precision farming
  • EU3. Smart Livestock


  • EU4. Tourism policies in the Region of Western Macedonia
  • EU5. Mixed Reality Tourist Routes

Dissemination and Communication

  • EU6. Dissemination of Results

The work units in each sector are designed to cover many areas of each sector and at the same time complement each other, creating a global approach and complex solutions that meet the modern challenges presented by the agri-food (Fig. 1) and tourism (Fig. 2), while the EU6 will bring together all diffusion actions, including actions aimed jointly at agri-food and tourism.


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